Watch Out For those "Here Today And Gone Tomorrow" Contractors!

Tax season is the most dangerous time of the year for Homeowners needing Remodeling/Home Improvement on their properties due to the following reason's. Reason #1: Many non licensed contractors take advantage of those homeowners that are NOT aware that any and all General Contractors must be licensed and registered with the Department of Consumer and Protection to be allowed to draw Home Improvement work contracts and do any work for pay on a homeowners property. Reason #2: On tax season what normally is charged $2,000 is now being charged $9,000? Even fully licensed and registered General Contractors take advantage and even abuse when it comes to charging outrageous and ridiculous high sky fees! Reason #3: Homeowners DON'T even bother on checking and verifying the Contractors license status with the above mentioned department just to be on the save side. No one would want to hire a serial killer or rapist to work and be around family members especially kids. YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS! Upon request, the homeowner have all the rights to ask to see and verify the individuals contractors license right in that very moment since it only takes about 5 minutes by simply visiting . If by any chance the individual denies to showing and worst yet not allowing to have its license verified, chances are that such individual is doing business illegally and you should report him/her to the police and to the Department of Consumer and Protection. On tax season time, you will visually see many contracting company vans, pickup trucks desperately speeding down the streets in search of "Homeowner Victims!".

                   A CONTRACTOR WITHOUT A BUSINESS CARD?                

 . Acontractor without a business card is very strange! Why not? But if so, does that business card has his/her full name, phone number, address, contractors license number? If not, be extremely suspicious because a real contractor should have one...and why not!

The following is a true story that took place in the city of Meriden, Connecticut back in 2018. A so called contracting company that went by the name of "Julio's Construction Company" . One day I was personally handling out my company post cards when I stop to speak to a homeowner who told me about an individual who he paid $29,000.00 to have his garage newly build from scratch...that never took place! The individual started the work and within two weeks of work, the individual vanished! The homeowner could not get in contact nor did the homeowner knew where did "Julio" lived! The homeowner could not report nor call the police because the homeowner knew nothing about the "Julio Contracting Company" that did NOT exist! Julio was not licensed nor registered and so he simply vanished without a trace feeling rich and happy with $29,000.00 in his pocket! I personally did a little investigation to the whereabouts of this such Julio Construction Company" and it all happened that the individual has no contractors license and was working under the license of another individual? This Julio was an Illegal Ecuadorian immigrant.

Who ever you hire to do any type of work on your property, make sure to verify the contractors license and do ask for a business card and also make sure that on the business card the individuals full name (no nickname) and address, phone number and contractors license is on the business card. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ON WHO YOU HIRE! BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL AND BE SAFE!